[[Young BoxJam and a sleeping dinosaur]]

Young BoxJam: Gosh, I can't bear to wake Chloe... maybe we can move her like this...

[[Young BoxJam, his father, and Chloe set off in the family boat at dawn]]

[[The boat in a traffic jam]]

BoxJam's dad: Let's go, people...you make me sick! Move! I hate YOU, I hate YOU, I hate YOU, I hate YOU...

[[At the edge of a forest. Chloe is just waking up]]]

Young BoxJam: 'Bye, girl...

BoxJam's dad: She can't understand words! Let's go!

[['Mina standing next to BoxJam, who's lying in bed half-asleep]]

'Mina: Right?

BoxJam: Chloe was a racoon, not a dinosaur!