[[In each panel, a medieval BoxJam walks past a medieval BoxJam merchant selling different things]]

Narrator: The word "Bargain" comes from medieval times, when merchants sold sundry things that sucked, because no things did not suck.

Merchant's sign: Ye olde warrts 3p

Narrator: In order to complete a transaction, the seller would aver his price so good it was as though the buyer would "gain a bar" of gold--a "bar-gaining" trade.

Merchant's sign: aqentik mini-holy grails 5p

{{does anybody know how to put a 'theta' in here? The word 'aqentik' is supposed to be aentik -that is, athentik}}

[[Both BoxJams have plague sores and X'd "death eyes"]

Narrator: The practice continued even though everyone died of the plague. The etymology of bargain was thus established until Snopes.com found it a crock in 2002.

Merchant's sign: De-spare 1p

Narrator: Next week: whence comes the word cargain?