Speaker: Gentlemen Electors: By your unanimous vote, this fledgling nation's first chief exective is to be: George W. Bush!

Electors: Huzzah! Well n' able!

Cheney: Your Excellency, our merchant vessels keep getting plundered and sunk by pirates... we think you should end your vacation.

Bush: Declare war on France!

Reading newspaper: France!? What on Earth-!?

News vendor: He-who-kicks-too-much-ass-to-be-named says it makes sense... You're either with him or against him...

[[Bush giving a speech]]

Bush: ... Gulf stream is just a theory, and won't be taught. Also, I'm nominating Benedict Arnold to put down the Whiskey Rebellion!

In crowd: Arnold!? He's a traitor - he was behind West Point - Gat- mmmmph! [[A guard hauls them away.]]

Caption: To be continued! (But not sustained...)