[[Bush and a model are posing in a fake boat while a painter paints them]]

Painter: Tr�s bien! Finis! Ze hero crahssing a river - What river do you like?

[[Enter Cheney]]

Cheney: Your Holiness, is the "Mission Accomplished" painting finished?

Bush: Yeah. Why?

Cheney: Those flames behind me are the French burning the city...

Door: Freedom Room. Authorized personnel only.

Bush: Awright, let's fight! And by that I mean have the soldiers do it.

Cheney: There are no more soldiers. All killed, captured or deserted.

Bush: Where we goin'?

Cheney: New Orleans... They'll welcome us...

Bush: What about our immigration problem?

Cheney: Believe it or not, there is none...

[[BoxJam and Little BoxJam]]

BoxJam: ... and that's the story of "The United States: 1776-1792."

Little BoxJam: I'm glad we live in Whiskystan!

Ms. BoxJam: Hey gang... What happens when we alter the historic timeline??

All: Nazis! [[Nazis abound]]