Ms. BoxJam: How are you flying?

BoxJam: Not flying! Mary Tyler Moore Hat power!

[[He alights on a warehouse by a dock - the warehouse has a big 'Closed' sign on it]]

[[BoxJam has a Sherlock Holmes hat on]]

BoxJam (thinking): Amazing! Whatever hat power I employ, the hat that provides the power appears on my head! What a great narrative device!

Crook: Did I just hear somthin'?

BoxJam: [[thinking]] How can I apprehend him?

[[BoxJam's hat has become a dunce cap]]

Crook: Hands up, copper boy...

BoxJam: <>

BoxJam: Alright, smart guy, hand me the gun!

BoxJam (thinking): Must act fast before duncination wears off!

BoxJam (thinking): I'm using more thought balloons than normal...

BoxJam (thinking): Huh.

Signature (thinking): To be continued...