BoxJam: I think I should plant a hatchet in my arm.

Ms. BoxJam: Good Lord no! What a stupid thing to do!

BoxJam: Waugghhh! Ow blood ow blood ow blood ow blood

Ms. BoxJam: Omigosh you fool! You shouldn't have done that! Look at the pain and irreparable damage!

BoxJam: You were there when I did this! You could've come up with a better plan to get the hatchet in my arm, I suppose? What was it?

Ms. BoxJam: I didn't want it in your arm in the first place! It shouldn't be there!

BoxJam: Oh, so cut and run, eh? Pull it out and my bleeding will increase for sure! You want me to bleed to death!

Ms. BoxJam: What!? That's ridiculous! I just want you to admit you shouldn't have gotten your arm into this mess, or you shouldn't be in charge of the hatchet! Nobody's saying pull out now!

BoxJam: ...and you wonder why people say you lack conviction.