Title: Hannity " Some Other Guy

[[picture of Hannity and colmes]]

Caption: "BoxJam Ruined the Internet"

BoxJam: Sean, the other guy...I disagree I ruined the internet, but let's say I did...work productivity is up, people's attention spans are increasing...

Crawler beneath BoxJam: BoxJam: Ruined Internet

BoxJam: Al Qaeda was communicating via the internet! They don't now! That's gotta be good! And people are getting OUT again! Face-to-face communication! Maybe the 'net was 21st century morphine! We're free!

Crawler: Totally ruined! Hope he's happy!

Hannnity: You ruined the freaking internet!

The Other Guy: I agree, Sean...

Crawler: Confronting World's Enemy #1

[[BoxJam is covered by a gun-sight graphic]]

Graphic above BoxJam: Hanns-eye!

Crawler: His mic's been cut; looks like he's sighing