Text above comic: Thanks to "knockout" for today's dialog! In a true artistic epiphany, knockout didn't even write the dialog himself - he took these snippets from tv commercials! Not to overstate things, but this doodle may be the height of western culture's artistic accomplishment. Also, knockout mentioned he thinks I'm pitiful.

[[same static art as the past two doodles, which is BoxJam and crew in similar poses to a "Dinosaurs" comic]]

BoxJam: Think you know what animals do when we're not looking?

BoxJam: There's a Visine for that!

'Mina: 11 contestants... all with the same dream.

BoxJam: The one show FOX doesn't want you to see

Ms. BoxJam: It's going steadily but slowly this morning.

BoxJam: Some things are so wonderful, you just want five!