[[Melee of Nordiques and Jets in Kung Fu Death Hockey. In the foreground, a Nordiques delivers a skate kick to a Jets' face. In the background, Mallethead is face-smashing a Jet. Further in the background, two players are fighting high in the air]]

Inset Text: MEANWHILE...

[[BoxJam is watching TV]]

BoxJam: Umm...honey?

Ms. BoxJam (offscreen): Yeah?

[[Ms. BoxJam has entered, holding a dish and towel]]

BoxJam: I think I found Mallethead...

Ms. BoxJam: What!?

[[Ms. BoxJam is looking at the TV]]

Ms. BoxJam: Oh my God it IS Mallethead! We have to tell his wife!


Ms. BoxJam: Is that the Quebec Nordiques and Winnipeg Jets playing some sort of Kung Fu Death Hockey?

BoxJam: Yeah ~ Our lame cable system only gets ESPN-4...