Mario Marois: You're a great defenceman, Malle, with a fierce face check.


Mario Marois: But we're the Nordiques, and we're about more than hockey. We're about caring.

Mallethead: UH-OH

[[They are now on the bus]]

Mario Marois: Frankly, the guys and I are worried you're addicted to face smashing...

Mallethead: ADDICTED?

Mario Marois: Since you've been with us, you've smash a door, a car, a car door, three hams, a trophy, two moose and countless opposition.

Mallethead: THIRTY-SIX.

Mario Marois: You've got a problem. But it's going to have to wait right now - ROUGE ALLERT, MEN! It's the blasted Winnipeg Jets!

Bob: Frozen beer! I hate those guys!

Anonymous Nordiques: We all do, Bob. They're our sworn enemy.

Bob: Oh. Right.

[[sign on back of bus: "Caution: Nervous Quebecois Driving"]]