Winners of BoxJam's Award!

Although these comics aren't around anymore (or don't appear to be), the archives are there,
and a lot of the artists' souls are in these works. If any of these ever do come
back to life, please let me know!

Lilley Street
by Dan Beeston
A lot of soul for something named "Lilley"...
Kyle and Omar
by Jason Foster
Road Waffles for a new generation.
by Graeme MacKay
Graeme Mackay is a professional cartoonist! Don't mess with him! Read Gridlock now! It's good!
arrogance in simplicity
by Capheine
Read AiS, and I swear you'll laugh until you sweat blood. In the good way.
Bob the Golfer
by Andy Krueger
I respect that he admits the strip's about golf, as opposed to all the strips that are supposed to be about other things, but have golf jokes once a week. Plus, this is funny.
by Tony Lower-Basch
Check out the wonderful, animated Nosferatu! Yeah!
Karva Komix
by Karva
Oh, dear Lord.
Bob Comix
by Wocsid
It's always about Bob, isn't it? Everything's always about Bob.
Practice Strip
by John Redant
I say without exaggeration that Practice Strip is the very act of learning to smile all over again.
No Outlet
by Adam Greengard
Read No Outlet or I'll jump. and I swear to God I'll do it, too.
by Jon Morris
Jeremy would still be a great webtoon even if it had both hands tied behind its back, was blindfolded, and was slowly being lowered into a vat of boiling oil!
It's Gravy!
by Matt Gardner
Let It's Gravy! into your life.
by Caleb Sevcik
You're darn tootin'!
I Have No Friends
by Chris Funriss
A triumph of Hume Cronyn's spirit.
The Makeshift Miracle
by Jim Zubkavich
I wish my coming of age had been drawn and dyed this well.
The Mr. Chuck Show
by John Myers
Hey everybody - fear the awesome Mr. Chuck Show!
Untitled Again
by Paul Roustan
The most exquisitely drawn stick figure ever. And a whole lot of nice comic around it.
Ted and Tom
by Nick Upton
Ozzie says: "Ollrigh, ****in' Ollrigh - Oll reah the ****in' strih...
by Tom
A new storm on the horizon...
by Jason Brazeal
Dan and Mabby's Furcadian Adventures
by Amber Pankyo and John Parker
Hey! A big round of applause for DMFA!
by Aaron Farber
Pentasmal is most sagacious! Like Krazy Kat drawn in WinPaint!
by John Allison
Bobbins is the only reason for living!
Burnt Dog Radio
by Robb Tanner
"...and Where the Hell Are The Singing Cats? begat Super Jr., and Super Jr. begat Burnt Dog Radio, and Burnt Dog Radio begat...
Inside Joke
by J.W. Hammerstedt
People, let me tell you 'bout Inside Joke!
Adam's Road Gang
by Will White
The one that started the whole 'half-bull, half-man' fad that's going on right now.
The Book
by Mike and Alex
Brought to you in outlandish black and white 3-D!
Odd Comics
by Eugene Rokhlin
The original cast recording!
The Necronomicon
by Chris Furniss
Wichtenstenian in approach, Kierkegardesque in execution. And a phat beat. I'll give it a 93.
Living in Greytown
by Dave Kelly
Living in Greytown brings tears of joy to my eyes.
The Bad Boys of Computer Science
by Nicholas Yu
Whoa, Mama! The Bad Boys lay it down real nice!
A.P.E. Force
by Marcus Schockley
It's so well-drawn it's mega-drawn.
La Mouette
by fluff
This one's in French! It's about a loser Mouette who's a superhero! Excellent!
by BJ Hiorns and Joey Hetzel
Beware the terrible scourge of JoBe- no, wait. JoBeth is, like, totally funny, and good, not abdominal!
Life at Bayside
by Curtis Berry
LaB got da hooch!
The Dan & Ed Super-Fun Adventure Hour!
by Doc MacDougal and Sven
I remember that show. It came on right after Isis!
Nerd No Otaku
by Joshua Erb
Not as lethiferous as it could be. The Otaku sure belongs to the Nerd, though!
by Peter Delgado Jr.
Pokey, Pablo, and Willy. An Antarctic mafia.
Limit Horizon Productions
by Orlando O'Neill
LHP rocks me gently, rocks me slowly, takes it easy...because it knows...that I have never been loved like this before...
The Sporkman Chronicles
by John Troutman
Much like a spork is less than the sum of its parts, so too is this strip really really funny.
by Ted Smith and Al Isaacs
W is for Wrestletoons.
What the HELL is Wrong With Us?
by Phil Webster and Ben Harris
Hey kids. Don't stop thinkin' about tomorrow.
by Matt Wilson
Reading Comic!!! will make you so happy you can't breathe right!
The Hurricane
The Hurricane gonna open up a can o' laff-monkey on ya!
Corner of the Dot
by Forrest McDonald
The unbeatable recipe of woodland creatures, hi-jinx, and love.
Iron Shamrock
by Christopher Harrell
Ireland never had a better protector. Except maybe the skipper Alan Hale in the one movie about Queen Elizabeth.
by Adam Burke
Diabolica spoofs film noir without that overwhelming sense of inertia and bad lighting. You know what it deserves? Sammiches!
Black Box
by Black Box
It makes me move, it makes me sweat, it makes me to groove.
October's Fools
by Gordon S. McLeod
Although "October's Fools" would've made a great name for a Star Trek original series episode, it's a darn good comic, too.
by Chris Naish
You wanna see some Red? I'll show you red that'll put hair on your chest!
Aren't We Real
by Case Yorke
It's doodly, it's scribbly, and cool 'insiders' call it AWR!
Oh Comics!
by Jeff You
You will love OC the same way Jeff You loves you. And he does, too.
Warp Factor 10
by Steve Tonks
All bow down before WFX.
by Seven^3
Drawn in New Zealand, and then turned right-side up through the magic of web-flip-o-vision!
PB Galaxy
by Tyler Martin
The 'PB' stands for peanut butter.
Heaven and Earth
by Lady Faith
We have contacted all our producers with our directives.
Brain Foo Yung
by M.T. Ballista
Gather 'round, and lay the money down, for Brain Foo Yung!
Droll Street
by Marshall Ricks
I think Rick Marshall was the dad on "Land of the Lost," and I bet that's where this guy got his pen name.
by Mark Gerrits
Follow Ghostz into the often brutal, frightening, but always compelling world of the PacMan supporting players. Yeah!
by Tony Morris
It's a boffo webtoon!
by John Wapner
Check out that crazy Pantsless (home of the superhero Captain Tea!), by America's favorite crackhead, John Wapner.
Madden the Scientist
by Adam Barnett
Super Jr
by Robb Tanner
Tannline's comics rock! Congratulations!
More Tales of the Singing Cats
by Robb Tanner
Robb's our first double winner! Excellent!
by Richard Gardner
Let's hear it for Nevermore!
by Richard Dana Interlandi
smallgreY was the godfather of all disarmingly humorous webcomics.

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