Cheer up, BoxJam! That may have been true once, but not any more!
Here are some of the great ways you've been recognized:

These first two awards mean very much to me, since they come from the other
webtoonists out there. I couldn't believe they chose me; I still can't, but
I'm appreciative beyond words.
Best Comic

Best Minimalist Comic

Todd and Penguin
February 2001

Hall of FrAMEd
(founding member)!

The Great El Bobo

Tikaboo Peak's Pick of the Month!
(January 2001)

This comic must be destroyed (Jan 2002)

the JoBeth Gets It! Award

The Inside Joke
Toaster Point Award

The Framed!!!
KickA** Award
Thanks, Pooga!

Snail Dust
Link of the Week(ish)
(January 2001)

Droll Street Pick of the Month (November 2000)
Greystone Inn
Link of the Week!

(BoxJam says thank you.)