Text Above Comic: Thanks to James Wilkins for today's mind-blowing dialog! James, of course, took the passage so great that it is the writing against which all other writing is measured (footnoted LITERALLY measured, but still.) So far, BoxJam Mark 2.0 has been a huge artistic success, of course, and I know it's going to suck majorly when I actually have to draw a picture again, but here's the thing. My readership and cash flow haven't gone up exponentially. I've given it a (5-day) week tryout; that's fair, isn't it? By day 5 I should have had a cash cow on my hands. So I tell you what. To hell with BoxJam Mark 2.0. This weekend, I'm going to run my typical "Inconvenient Truth" fare, and then Monday, I'm launching BoxJam Mark 3.0!

[[same static art as 7/17/2006 - BoxJam and crew in typical "Dinosaur Comics" poses]]

BoxJam: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer

adipiscing elit.

BoxJam: Aliquam eros!

BoxJam: Suspendisse ac libero.

BoxJamina: Nunc mattis, mauris malesuada semper

blandit, sapien odio semper quam, nec pharetra orci

ante lobortis augue. Integer vel felis sit amet felis

viverra imperdiet.

BoxJam: Proin consequat purus in turpis.

Ms. BoxJam: In fermentum.

BoxJam: Pellentesque ligula.

BoxJam: Terminus.

{{James Wilkins draws "From the Desk Of" at http://fromthedeskof.comicgenesis.com/}}