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this doodle's empirically good!


These are some of the doodles that have garnered the most favorable reactions among readers. I add, at most, two from any one month nowadays, so you can be assured that somebody out there thought any doodle in here was really good. No, really. If you don't like one of these, you must just be wrong. No, I mean, uh, thanks for reading.

The Parasaurolophus One
The Adult Filmstar One
Scabby Plays Roundball
Tell Teacher to Choke it
DMV! - the Musical
The Vegetable Line
BoxJam Nursery Rhyme
Family Stories Part I
Tough Economy Part I
Public Humiliation
Trash Man
Tribute to Bread
Box of the Jam Meets Fox on the Lam
I'll take the Holy Family and the Points
November 20
Yoga Class
Another Perspective
My bad...
Good Grief
Pedantic Grammar Lesson
Meaning of Life
X-10 Camera
Collective Sigh
See, it's just too hard to say...
Enter Hudson
New Year's Day
Doorbell Week
On Being Scared
Hanging Around
Trick or Treating
Performance Review
Talking in Sleep
The one where BoxJam asks the kids to witness
It says *FLICK*!
"Guest" Week
Asked and Answered
When the World Beats a Path to your Door...
Career in Ranching
Bedtime Reading
Street Marriage
Coping Mechanisms
BoxJam's Ultimate Fantasy
Out of Africa
Kids Ruin All the Fun
Beer Me
Jam Day Afternoon
Beginning of End of the World
Introducing the Orange Guy
What Never Was...Why Not?
Paper Dolls
Sweetest Day Saga
3 A.M.
Triumph of Death
Parent of the Year
BoxJam Gets Down
Optical Illusions
A very *special* episode of BoxJam's Doodle
Never Leave a Vacuum Cleaner Outside
Dad Club
Deep Conversations Over Beer, Pt. III
Flying BoxJam
Avoiding Late Night Children
Bedtime Story
The Aliens Respond
Early Morning
BoxJam's Pithiest Moment
Deep Conversations Over Beer, Pt. II
Even in Death
Lots of Trash
Busy Farm
Deep Conversation Over Beer
Museum of Broken Pottery
Guest Artist Saturday (April Fool)
Candy World
Hidden Valley
'No' is a stylized dramatic form
It's just blue paint
Thoughtless Again
On The Moon
Tree Falling
BoxJam the Open Book
Window Treatments
Something Big
Starry Night
Ms. BoxJam reviews the doodle.
A guy named Guy related to this...
High Dive
Spider talk
Ms. BoxJam hated this one.
Baby sculpting
OK, nobody wrote about this one. I like it.
TV zombie
The Most Daggy BoxJam
Tribute to Mark Trail

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