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In my book, a dog is never too old to learn new tricks. Sure we all love the doodle, but it's time to change. It's not always fresh, it's not slick, and mostly it's not getting me hundreds of thousands of readers and their cash. So I looked around to see what direction to go in. Everyone loves Dinosaur Comics, and its always static art has been hailed as "innovative." I like innovative. I respect innovative. I want to to be innovative. Static art. Check. People also love Exploding Dog, where the audience writes it, and he draws stick figures inspired by, or randomly matched to, those words (sometimes it's hard to tell). People say that's art - it's had shows and junk! OK, who am I to argue with art? Most importantly, who am I to argue with a couple of guys who have tons more readers (and money) than me?

People, let me introduce you to the next wave of webcomics - where the audience provides the words to go with static art! It's a double-whammy! Surefire! By the way, I don't know what Exploding Dog did for its first couple of days, when the web audience wasn't "there" to send stuff in yet. I took an old doodle's dialog, and translated it into Russian and back. But I don't want to do that tomorrow! Let's make art together! Innovative art!


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This work is fiction. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, would be most pitiable indeed.

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