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the many moods of the Thummly's

Last week, I launched BoxJam Mark 2.0, trying to build on the phenomenal webcomic successes of a guy who doesn't draw and another who doesn't write. While I got a lot more sleep last week, I didn't experience wadloads of cash.

So I sat down this weekend, and analyzed the comic world. There are two kinds of comics - funny and not funny. There are also two kinds of comics - serialized and non-serialized. I've charted them here in figure 1:

As figure 1 brings into high relief, no comics occupy quadrant 4! There aren't any comics that are both not funny, but not serialized!

OK, maybe The Lockhorns. I just can't tell.

sometimes it seems pretty serious

Still, that's a lot of unmined land. What I clearly need to do is make a serious comic that doesn't tell a long drawn-out story - just a little bit of fresh drama each day. Also I wanted a fresh look for the characters.

Ladies and gentlemen, BoxJam Mark 3.0!

Look how big it is!

Except that's no kinda name! No, let's call it something new!

the many moods of the Thummly's

The Thummly's, a couple that loves, laughs, suffers, triumphs and fails, would like to welcome you into their dramatic, non-continuous lives - won't you make them part of your mornings?


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