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Webcomics with Action!
Always on the cutting edge, For Better Or For Worse has realized that on the interweb, your options are limitless. When you have a lot of action in your comic - tripping in horse manure, driving your pathetic old boyfriend around, running from your wife, people want to see the action. Or at least the blinking. Because animating tripping, driving, and running, is kind of hard.
Always on the stealing edge, I am taking the idea and changing it just enough. Your eyes aren't deceiving you - the characters are really breathing. Look for more fun stuff like this in the future. Probably a waste of your time, but still, you can look.


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BoxJam's Doodle is part of Keenspot Comics, home of the KeenBurger. Also lots of good comics. It is best viewed on an IMAX screen with SurroundSound stereo and sitting in those theater chairs that rumble. Man, those are cool. If you can't swing that, 1024x768 is good, 800x600 is passable. I promise nothing below 800x600.

This work is fiction. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, would be most pitiable indeed.

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