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This comic, drawn by Adam Burke, is his noble effort in an idea he and I had a few years ago to form a sort of comic club, wherein each member would take the very worst ideas s/he had had, ideas that s/he had rejected out of hand because they were too terrible to ever make a comic from, and pass them along to other members, who would then be honor-bound to make a comic out of each idea. These comics would be presented on a virtual stage called "Worser than Worst." We never got very far with the idea, mostly because we're two fairly undependable people. Adam, by the way, now does stand-up comedy in Chicago, where he is extremely funny on a real stage.

This comic, the only one that ended up being created, happened because I had a dream, and in the dream it was very funny that "Honore de Balzac" sounds kind of like "Honorary Ballsack." When I was awake it was not funny at all, so I passed it to Adam. He made this very funny comic.


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This work is fiction. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, would be most pitiable indeed.

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